FRAMA–2015 International benchmark – Blind Test Challenge

The Organizers of the FRAMA–2015 International benchmark invites all the technical and scientific community to participate in the Blind Test Challenge.

The FRAMA–2015 Blind Test Challenge is a blind prediction competition in which competing teams are invited to predict the nonlinear seismic behaviour of a reinforced concrete frame structure infilled with masonry. The structure has been designed for medium ductility levels according to the EC8 provisions.

The blind predictions provided by each team will be assessed based on the results obtained with actual 1:2.5 scaled structure that will be tested during the Croatian research project on the IZIIS shaking table. Extensive information regarding the two test specimens will be provided by the FRAMA–2015 International benchmark committee. Root mean square (RMS) error values between the experimentally achieved on the physical model and the numerically predicted absolute displacements, for selected control points, will be used for classification purposes.


The participants will have free attendance to the Post–FRAMA–2015 Workshop where a Synthesis of the participant’s reports will be delivered.

The deadline for registration in the FRAMA–2015 International Benchmark Blind Test Challenge will be June 15, 2015. All the information necessary for the participation will be provided for the registered teams, as follows:

  • Design Report (May 2015) – Geometrical and mechanical properties of materials to be used in the construction of models and reinforcement detailing of the tests specimens. Response spectra and reference target input ground motions (low intensity and high intensity) to be used during the seismic tests. Preliminary shake–table input ground motions deemed to be used during the seismic tests.
  • Assessment Report (July 2015) – Test results for the mechanical properties of materials used during the construction of models (compressive, flexural strength and rebound tests for concrete, tension tests for longitudinal steel reinforcement bars). Results for in–situ ambient dynamic characterization tests, detailed photographic report. Updated seismic table input ground motions to be used during the seismic tests.
  • Post–FRAMA–2015 SYNTHESIS of the participant’s reports.

For further information please send an email to the Challenge coordinator: contest@framed–